Good Work

Blood Donation Camp on 24/05/2018

Birpara PS under Alipurduar District Police organized a voluntary Blood Donation Camp on 24/05/2018. Total 180 Unit Blood has been collected from this Camp. We are grateful to the donors who joined us for this noble cause. 

510 Kg Ganja Seized and 02 Arrested

On 20.05.2018 acting upon a credible source information Birpara PS Police team intercepted a Truck bearing registration no. NL01K/4218 loaded with Ganja (Cannabis).Total 510 Kg. Ganja was recovered & seized from the said truck and two (02) accused persons were arrested in this regard. Ref: Birpara PS case No. 56/18 DTD 20/05/18 U/S 20 (b)(ii)(c) of NDPS Act.

Good Work Done by Jaigaon Ps (Case No. 36/18 Dt- 16-02-18 U/S 379 IPC)

On 15/16-02-18 night, one  Bajaj avenger Motor Cycle of Dipen Lama S/O Kumar Lama of New Hasimara Hatkhola Ps Jaigaon, Dist Alipurduar was stolen away from his house compound by unknown miscreants. Within few days Alipurduar District Police detected the gang and recovered the said motor cycle and arrested 02 (two) persons who were directly involved in this case.

Good Work Done by Falakata Ps (Case No.61/18 Dt.24-02-18 U/S 399/402 IPC)

                                        On 24-02-2018 night at about 00.45 hrs working on credible information rounded a dacoit gang in an abandoned shed near sangam hotel Ethelbari and apprehended miscreants viz – 1. Sanjib Minj (33) s/o Lt Mangra Minj of Birpara Kachhaline Ps Birpara Dist Alipurduar 2. Prakash Oraon (34) s/o Lt Sawan Oraon of Tasat (Jateswar) Ps Falakata Dist Alipurduar, 3. Sahajahan Ali (28) s/o Nazrul Islam of Dhupguri Baragharia Maszid Para Ps Dhupguri Dist Jalpaiguri 4. Basudeb Roy (55) s/o Maneswar Roy of Jateswar Hedayent Nagar Ps Falakata Dist Alipurduar ,5.Ajay Pradhan (24) s/o Krishna Pradhan of Birpara Guidline Ps Birpara Dist Alipurduar and 6. Bikash Lakra (32) s/o Lt. Bandhan Lakra of 5 No. Kachha line Ps Birpara Dist Alipurduar and seized from their possession on a one shutter, one imitation sixer and other deadly weapons. They had assembled there while preparing to commit dacoity at a petrol pump at Gairkata road near Ethelbari.

RECOVER THE STOLEN MOTOR CYCLE (Date of Good Work Done- 10/05/17) ( Jaigaon Ps Case no - 103/17 Dtd-05/05/17 U/S 379 IPC )

In course of investigation of Jaigaon Ps Case No 103/17 Dtd – 05/05/17 U/S – 379 IPC . IO ASI Subrata Das arrested Accused persons namely 1] Bibek Champramary (21) S/O Ranjit Champramary 2] Debdas Mochari (26) @ Sukur @ Guthi S/O Late Amolendra Mochari both of Satali Mandal Para Ps Jaigaon District Alipurduar  & leading to their statement seized 04( Four) number of stolen Motor Cycles viz  1] WB 01U 6106 (TVS VICTOR ) ( which stolen away on 04/05/17 ) & mentioning FIR no 103 /17 & remaining are 2] WB70A 4567 ( APACHE RTR ) Bearing Chassis No MD634KE4442F83053, & Engine No 0E4FA2293105, 3] APACHE RTR Chassis No MD634KE4472E00341, Engine No 0E4E72000489, 4] WB 70G 2312 ( TVS RTR 160) Chassis MD634KE47A2A32261 all were kept in deep jungle of Madhu Forest . Another case was initiated at Jaigaon Ps relating to recovery of the above mentioned other 03 (three) stolen Motor Cycles vide Jaigaon Ps Case No – 105/17 Dated – 10/05/17 U/S- 379 /44 IPC. 

GOOD WORK BY BIRPARA PS, (C/NO 145/17 DTD- 05/12/17 U/S- 341/323/363/365/34 IPC)

One helper of truck namely Vikas Pal Of Uttar Pradesh went missing from Ethelbari Area under Birpara ps. A kidnapping case was started accordingly at Birpara PS. Within few days Alipurduar District Police recovered the victim and arrested 02 (two) kidnappers.

GOOD WORK BY SAMUKTALA PS (C/NO 04/18 DTD- 05/01/18 U/S 387 IPC )

 On 5/02/18 one businessman logged a complaint at Samuktala PS regarding receipt of threat letter from “UNITED SANTAL PEOPLES ARMY” demanding money. Alipurduar District Police identified the miscreants and arrested 03 persons within a few days.


Joigaon Ps under Alipurduar District Police took initiative to repair the path holes of a road with the help of local people.


Ref Kalchini Ps Case no - 10/18 dtd 19.01.18 U/S 20(b)(ii)(c) of NDPS Act.

                         On 19.01.18 morning received an information from reliable source that a truck Bearing Registration No - AS01 FC 5986 loaded with contraband articles (Ganja). Action upon information the complainant search and seized 31 packet Total 528.881 kg of Ganja from the truck and arrested 02 (two ) person.This is a Good Work Done by (Kalchini Ps) Alipurduar District Police .


Alipurduar District Police (Madarihat Ps ) organised "UTSARGA" A voluntary blood donation and medical checkup camp on 06/01/2018. 50 unit blood has been collected.


14th Biswa Duars Utsab held at Alipurduar  parade ground on 29/12/2017 to 07/01/2018. Where a stall installed by Alipurduar District Police in view of Safe Drive Save Life and campaigning with daily cultural program as Natok , Song over the issue of  Safe Drive Save Life. Through this campaigning we were able to reach Safe Drive Save Life aware to large number of people.


One Swapan Das has been kidnapped from Salkumar hat Ps & Dist- Alipurduar on 03/01/2018 while he was returning home on a bycycle alongwith his friend that time a Gang of unknown miscreant kidnapped him from Salkumar hat into a white Maruti Omni and fled. Alipurduar District Police with the help of CID & guidance of DIG JR recued the victim and arrested 04 (four) persons within a few days.This a good work done by Police.


Alipurduar district  (Samuktala P.s ) police team successfully recovered a victim girl from Rajasthan.


One the basis of written complaint from one Hiralal Mehar of Dhumchi Para T.G , Upper Line , PS Madarihat Dist Alipurduar Dated 13-11-17 that his minor daughter Namely Mamta Mehar aged  (17 )yrs has been kidnapped from his house 11 months back . On investigation the Madarihat Police team with the help of Delhi Women Commission & Delhi Police not only recovered the victim girl from Delhi , where she was trafficked to, and also made the owner of the house where the V.G was recovered  to pay the victim girl her salary. The said amount has been deposited as F.D in the bank account of the victim girl Ref : Madarihat Ps Case No – 232/17 Dtd – 13-11-17 U/S- 363/ 365 IPC


Alipurduar District Police (Samuktala PS) organized a driving training programme for the favour of poor and Backward classes educated persons.In this training programme sixteen (16) number of candidate completed their 70 days training and get their driving license. It may create a good relation between police and public. The measure appreciated by one and all.


Rallies and awareness generation programme involving different stakeholders are held from time to time to promote the message of safe drive save life formation on traffic clubs and awareness generation classes by senior officials of Alipurduar district is held from time to time.


A programme for prize distribution to various clubs under different categories during Durga Puja was held in railway institute hall , Alipurduar . the programme was accompanied by a cultural programme .


A mega rally and a friendship football match between Alipurduar district team and team from Phuentsholing , Bhutan was held on 07/10/17 as part of effort for promotion of football in the state. The programme was followed by distribution of footballs to various clubs , schools , colleges , madrasas etc. on 09/10/2017 and 10/10/2017.


On 26TH October 2017 the Chatt Puja festival 2017 was celebrated at various river Ghats in Alipurduar district. The hard work of police personnel in ensuring a smooth , peaceful and safe celebration was appreciated by all .


Kali Puja festival was celebrated with a lot of excitement and observance of rules and regulation. The coordination between public and police led to a peaceful and joyful celebration by the residents.


Durga Puja was celebrated with a lot of excitement and sense of security this year also due to the hard work and efforts put in by Alipurduar District Police. Police arrangement was appreciated by all.

Bravery by CVF

 3]   Exemplary service and an act of bravery displayed by CVF.

On 13-11-2016 at 09.00 an information was received by the Falakata police that one wild Leopard came out at  3rd Mile,  Hollong  from nearby  Jaldapara National Park area under Falakata PS, District Alipurduar and attacked upon the local people and injured 12 [ twelve ] person . On getting information police team rushed to the spot and tried to control crowed  and also shifted the injured persons to Falakata Hospital .  At that time when the forest personnel missed tranquilizer shot , suddenly  the leopard jumped and ran here and there and started to injured the common people suddenly the leopard  attacked  two reporter and SSB personnel, seeing this and   finding  no other alternative  one Civic Volunteer Force  Namely Rabin Barman of Falakata PS who was on duty picked up a bamboo stick and hit the leopard with it putting his own life in danger to save the life of the reporter and the SSB personnel ,as a result the leopard fled away from the spot .This is indeed an exemplary service and an act of bravery displayed by CVF 329 Rabin Barman in saving the lives of people by putting his life without any fear at stake  . The brave act of the CVF had also come out in daily news paper.

Good work done by Kalchini ps

2]  Kalchini PS Case  No -166/16 Dt. 07.11.16 U/S 394/427 IPC.

 .                                 On the basis of written complaint of one Sri Samrat Bishnu  S/O Sri Santosh Bishnu of Milan Sangha word no -07 P.O + PS :- Alipurduar to the effect that on 06/11/16 at about  21.40 hrs when complainant  with his family was returning by his car bearing registration no -WB -74D-3544 then 2/3 unknown miscreant's stopped his car and snatched away some ornaments, cash money, mobile phone and other documents also broken his car by showing sharp weapons. Over this written complaint started above ref case . During investigation police detected the group within 12 days and arrested  accused persons who were directly involved in this crime .

Good work done by Madari hat ps

1]  Madarihat ps case no - 200/16 dtd - 23-11-2016 U/S - 302 /120 b / 201 / 34 IPC

On-23-11-2016 one dead body was found in deep forest area of Madarihat ps of Kanak Roy [24]  and  the family member of Kanak Roy lodged a written complaint at Madarihat ps and started Madarihat ps case no - 200/16 dated - 23-11-2016 U/S - 302 /120 b / 201 / 34 IPC . It was a blind case for police to start with. On investigation District police was able to arrest the accused persons directly involved in this crime .The crime was detected within 24 hours .                       

Happy Streets - Anti Drugs Awareness Alipurduar July 2016

Conceptualized by Alipurduar police for Spreading Awarness of drug abuse.
On June 2016, Alipurduar Streets saw a new dawn which left local people enthralled. Buxa Fort Road was converted to play ground to enable 1500 school children enjoy playing on the street. this platform was utilized to spread awareness about drug abuse among children and the dangerous effect on teenagers.

Awareness Against ATM Fraud

Alipurduar District Police has generated awareness against ATM Fraud phone calls in all the 66 panchayats of the district. Using a Tableu and flex with pre recorded voice messages and pamplets, we were able to reach to the remotest areas. As a result of this campaign in june 2016 not a single case has been registered since july 2016.

Anti Human Trafficking Awareness Programme

Alipurduar District Police
with Collaboration with Shakti Bahini (NGO)
in Different T.G. Areas of Alipurduar District

Trafficking of Women and Children is rampant in the Dooars region. To put a check awareness campaigns in all Tea Gardens(62) have been conducted in last three months in Alipurduar District with the help of internationally reputed NGO "Shakti Vahini". The awareness sessions were appreciated by one and all.

Distribution of Booklet on Traffic Rules to Bhutan Nationals

Over a Period of time it was seen that this was a need for educating Bhutan Nationals in Indian Traffic Rules. Hence a booklet was designed containing a Traffic rules, Violation as well as phones numbers of hospitals and Police Stations of Alipurduar, Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri and SMP. The phone numbers helps to reach the Bhutan Nationals travelling on Indian roads in case of emergency. The booklet was inaugurated on 4/10/15 at Jaigaon in the presence of DM and SP of Chuku District, Bhutan. The measure appreciated by one and all.

Anti Drug Awareness Marathon

On 5th September 2015, during Teacher's Day celebration, nine girl students of Alipurduar were found drinking alcohol in schools hours, which created sensation among the people of Alipurduar. To spread awareness about drugs abuse among the school going children and teenagers a Anti Drug Awareness Marathon was organized Alipurduar District Police on 12th September 2015, in which the school children including 300 girls participated. DM Alipurduar, NBSTC Chairman and Sabadhipati graced the occation.

Anti Drug Awarness Campaign

Happy Streets

Conceptualized by Alipurduar police for Spreading Awarness of drug abuse.
On 10th October, 2015, Jaigaon Streets saw a new dawn which left local people enthralled. M.G. Road was converted to play ground to enable 1500 school children enjoy playing on the street. this platform was utilized to spread awareness about drug abuse among children and the dangerous effect on teenagers. The programme was also graced by Bhutan Police and was appreciated by one and all.